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Meğberet-Ol Şuara-ı Tebriz

Tebriz Şehri’ne Edebi Gezi

Tebriz İran’ın en meşhur şairlerinden olan Üstad Şehriyar ve Pervin Etesami’nin şehridir. Hepimiz her ne kadar şiir okumasak bile en azından bu şairlere ait bir şiiri okuyup ezberlemişizdir. Şehriyar’ın “Ali ey humaye rehmet” şiiri ve Pervin Etesami Hanımefendi’nin “sarhoş ve ayık” şiirini muhtemelen okuyup veya duymuşuzdur ve bu şairlerin şiirdeki yetenekleri herkes tarafından biliniyor. Tebriz’e...
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Polo In Iran

Polo game in Iran

In the article about the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, we talked about the gates of the polo, we thought that many would like to know what the polo game is and how it is held. History Since the Iranians were interested in horseback riding and also in recreation and sports around 600 BC, during the Achaemenes...
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Ali Sadr cave

Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan | The thrill of beholding beauty

Hamedan is mostly known for its Ali Sadr cave. There are many tourists who go to Hamedan just to visit the Ali Sadr cave or if they do not have much time to stay in the city, then visiting the Ali Sadr cave is definitely on top of their list. One million people visit this...
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The Tomb of Esther and Mordecai in Hamedan

The Tomb of Esther and Mordecai in Hamedan | The Second Holy Place of the Jews in the World

In the center of Hamadan, the tourism capital of Asia in 2018, and in one of the very main neighborhoods of it there is a tomb, some parts of which date back to the Ilkhani dynasty, but it is in fact a remnant of an ancient mythology that occurred about a thousand years before the...
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Qajar Museum

Qajar Museum in Tabriz | The Beautiful Qajar Garden Museum

The beautiful nature, magnificent architecture, comprehensive museum, calming ambiance and all you need from an urban trip you can see in the Qajar museum in Tabriz. The History of the Qajar Museum in Tabriz The city of Tabriz during different historical periods of Iran has a special value and status; this value and status reached...
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